TJ 5.25 Speaker Adapters
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Works great
  Just used these in my 03 Rubicon really nice and simple upgrade with the Polk db 521's up front.
  Reviewed by:  Shawn from MS Gulf Coast. on 8/27/2013
Great American product!
  The fit of these adapters was awesome. Super high quality laser cut pieces. A total 5 minutes install. The price cant be beat. They are made in America. Also, Mr. Nalin himself is overseas protecting our freedom. What more can you ask from a small business owner? Thanks again!
  Reviewed by:  Myles Bateman from Lower Alabama. on 8/27/2013
Nalin 5.25 TJ speaker adapters
  Great fit and finish - fast shipping. A+ Thanks, Brandon
  Reviewed by:  Brandon Hughett from Virginia . on 8/19/2013
Awesome product
  Thanks to I was able to find this amazing product. Such an easy install any monkey with a tool can do it. If you want better quality audio this is the perfect addon to your jeep to help make that happen.
  Reviewed by:  James Hannah from Kansas CIty MO. on 8/14/2013
The reviews were right!
  We only by all the good reviews un making the decision to buy these over other adaptors. Great product, quality made, no junk here!
  Reviewed by:  Bugs from Apache Juncrion, AX. on 7/28/2013
Great Fit!
  This product is strong, precise, and machined very well! They arrived quick and with my '02 Sahara application, I didn't have to cut anything!
  Reviewed by:  Matt from Virginia. on 11/18/2014
nice brackets
  Love the brackets very high quality.. Made huge difference being able to put bigger speakers in my jeep. Will definitely recommend to all my friends...
  Reviewed by:  Charlie from three rivers, mi. on 11/15/2014
Perfect Fit
  These did exactly what I hoped. Perfect fit and finish. Easy to follow instructions. Quick shipping to boot. I wish all purchases could go so well.
  Reviewed by:  Tim from Bellingham. on 11/3/2014
  I bought the Jeep TJ front speaker adapters to get 5.25 Polk DB521's into my 1997 Wrangler. The mounts worked great and are well made. There are no directions, but if you mount them with the name out they end up on the correct side of the dash. As noted you do have to cut some bracing on both sides, I ended up using a reciprocating saw, took about 2 min per side. I think the plates are sturdy enough to make up for the bracing you have to remove, it didn't seem to matter. Nice product, well made, comes with quality hardware. The wiring took longer than the mechanical install, After soldering leads to the speakers and crimping on connectors just use the hardware you from the old speakers to hold the new mounts in place. Easy mod and now the tunes are back.
  Reviewed by:  Steve from Southern New England. on 10/25/2014
Great product
  Great adapters came with everything needed and in the USA so I was willing to pay a little more than the other cheap ones. Threw some paint on them and ready to go.
  Reviewed by:  Ben from Nh. on 10/12/2014
Great Item
  Great Item. Ordered, received verification email promptly. Parts showed up a couple of days later. Fit perfectly. Nice fit and finish. Nicely done.
  Reviewed by:  Sean from Georgia. on 9/15/2014
High Quality Adapters
  Ordered these adapters and was blown away with the quality. Far superior to the plastic ones I got free with the speakers I ordered from Cruthfield. My 5.25" Kickers fit perfectly. I would highly recommend these to anyone wanting to upgrade their front dash speakers.
  Reviewed by:  Brandan from Hooksett, NH. on 9/6/2014
Jeep TJ Guy
  The adapter plates are precision and very high quality. The fit and finish was amazing. Replacing the factory 4x6s with the 5-1/4s is a great upgrade. Thanks for making a high quality and affordable U.S. Made product. Best Regards, Kris
  Reviewed by:  Kris Gachassin from Katy, Tx. on 8/19/2014
  Upon a visual inspection, looks like a great looking adapter, solid construction. Just waiting on my speakers before installation
  Reviewed by:  Fred E (Verified Buyer) from Georgia. on 8/4/2014
  Why did I wait so long to do this mod? Should have upgraded years ago. The fit and finish on the Nalinmfg plates is outstanding and moving from 4x6 to 5.25 in the dash is a noticeable improvement. Go ahead and put some 6.5's in the while you're at it. I had decent aftermarket speakers in my TJ but moving up one size all around made a difference. Nalinmfg also took time on the phone to answer my questions during the install. Awesome customer service!
  Reviewed by:  Chris from Michigan. on 7/29/2014
5.25 brackets
  I painted my brackets flat black. Then installed Kicker CS5 speakers in them. The speakers fit the brackets perfect. I had to trim a little of the dash structure to get the speaker magnets to fit. Worth the trimming. The sound is great. Paul
  Reviewed by:  Paul Lemmerman from Medina, MN. on 7/8/2014
Fit perfectly in 2002 Jeep TJ
  Upgraded sound system with 5.25 Infinity Kappas and the adapters fit perfect - no drilling or cutting required! Fit was better than I had anticipated. Slight surface rust was easily resolved with a quick shot of red paint.
  Reviewed by:  Chris from Sherrills Ford, NC. on 6/12/2014
These things rock!!
  I got these brackets a month ago for my 98 TJ and just got around to putting them in today. They are awesome. After a quick couple of coats of rust repelling paint they went right in with no trouble at all. I had to trim a bit of the old bracket out for the new 5.25" speaker to fit but it was vary straight forward and was done with a dremel in just a few minutes. A hack saw would work as well. They look and function great! I would reccomend these to anybody looking to upgrade from the standard 4" x 6" to the 5.25" speakers. The sounds improvement is quite dramatic as well!!
  Reviewed by:  Daniel Coleman from Charlotte NC. on 6/3/2014
5.25 Adapter
  I recently installed these adapters into a 04 Rubicon. Very Easy install!! I used Infinity Kappa speakers and had no problem with the fit. No modifications were needed at all. Great Product! thanks
  Reviewed by:  Craig from Arizona. on 5/14/2014
TJ speaker and tweeter brackets
  Great products! Finally got everything installed yesterday! Sounds so much better than factory that I didn't have to blast the volume to 25+ to hear it! I painted then with rubberized truck bed liner, looks awesome! Also, I installed the Polk mm 5251 because I found them for an unbeatable price. Tip to those who haven't don it yet: the driver side front speaker wire hot is green, ground is brown, passenger side boiler is hot, blue is ground. Thanks so much for everything you are doing! And thanks for trying to keep America rights!
  Reviewed by:  Heather Tackett (Verified Buyer) from Lucasville, Ohio. on 5/8/2014
TJ Speaker Adapters
  Just wanted to say thanks for the speaker and tweeter brackets you sent last week. I placed the order and and within a few days I had the items. Brackets are very nice and they fit perfectly. Also very quick shipping and your assistance in ordering the right parts was superb... Thanks!!
  Reviewed by:  Ed Amaya from San Luis, AZ. on 5/5/2014
nothing else compares!
  I put these in my 05 LJ and they worked perfectly without an issue! I recommend them to all my jeep friends!
  Reviewed by:  Trevor nelson from Omaha nebraska. on 5/5/2014
  Fantastic speaker adapters for the TJ. I will spread the word with my jeep buddies to buy these instead of the cheap plastic ones everyone else makes.Very high quality U.S. made product here.
  Reviewed by:  John Enzweiler (Verified Buyer) from Randleman NC. on 5/3/2014
  10/10 would recommend. after modification speakers fit perfect. if you want more sound these are for you. I have 5.25 JVC DRVN series speakers in there and they suffice.
  Reviewed by:  Tom (Verified Buyer) from New York. on 5/1/2014
  Well made, inexpensive, and accurately designed. Installation took me about a half hour. I mounted the speakers to the Nalin brackets, filled the dash space with Poly Fill from Walmart, then mounted the speaker/bracket units into the dash. Very easy. These are worth every penny and I recommend them to anyone who wished to retrofit 5.25" speakers into the dash of their TJ.
  Reviewed by:  Wade Rackley (Verified Buyer) from Yazoo City, Mississippi. on 4/29/2014
Very happy.
  Great quality, and great fit. Only took 15 minutes to install.
  Reviewed by:  Jay Schmidt from Taiwan. on 4/18/2014
  This product was exactly how it was described. fit and worked perfect. Even included bolts and nuts so I didn't have to make a separate run to the hardware store. Very good quality as well. Nice product which I would recommend to anyone.
  Reviewed by:  Don Currier from El Dorado, Kansas. on 4/5/2014
Speaker Adapaters
  Received my adapter plates very quickly. They were not only easy to install, they looked good as well.
  Reviewed by:  Shaun Sweeney from Lowell, MA. on 3/24/2014
  The shipping was very fast. I was impressed with the cuts. They were very nice, smooth cuts and the item was ready to paint. The installation was easy and fit was very accurate. I'm very pleased with the product.
  Reviewed by:  Austin Garza (Verified Buyer) from Florida. on 3/10/2014
just what I wanted. in simplicity
  I wanted 5.25 speakers up front. And we'll these did exactly what I wanted. They look good. Scuffed them up and painted. Slides in the dash with speaker real easy. Won't be disappointed
  Reviewed by:  Wyatt h from Horn Lake MS. on 3/7/2014
Great product, arrived quickly.
  Great product, fit perfectly! Received the product within two days of ordering! Great product great quality, made in USA shipped fast and manufactured by a vet..... how can it get any better???
  Reviewed by:  Tim (Verified Buyer) from Abindgon, VA. on 3/6/2014
best adapters!
  Quick shipping, made in USA, and look great! Been running these with and without the dash cover for about a month to see if I could notice a difference in the sound. Concluded that it's less distorted without the covers and ordered some foam baffles off Amazon so the speakers are no longer open element. Big difference with the foam so now they sound as good as they look!
  Reviewed by:  Thomas from Louisville, KY. on 2/19/2014
Fits perfect
  Just installed these on my 02 Wrangler Sport. They work great and fit my Polk db521 perfect. Very satisfied.
  Reviewed by:  Scott Graves (Verified Buyer) from Brooklyn Park, MN. on 2/19/2014
  Bought these adapters for a second Wrangler I have. Great fit and strength. Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  Will from Baltimore, MD. on 2/12/2014
Great Adapter
  Fit perfect in my 2002 Jeep. Took 5 minutes to put 5.25'a in the dash.
  Reviewed by:  William Walsh (Verified Buyer) from Toms RIver, NJ. on 1/19/2014
Perfect, of course! (2004 Rubicon)
  Everyone's said everything there is to say already. These things are perfect. Perfect mounting holes, perfect size, perfect cuts, perfect hardware included. Price is right, too. If you need speaker adapter plates for your TJ, don't hesitate -- get these, forget the rest. Why risk any other adapters just to save a dollar or two?
  Reviewed by:  Kyle Otto from San Antonio, TX. on 1/14/2014
Good product, fitment issue
  I had some issues with the drivers side. I had to space out the bottom of the bracket to keep my speaker from hitting the air duct. I got Polk dxi525s. I didn't see anywhere a shallow mount speaker be recommended, but from what i can tell, the dxi525 polk is too deep for the drivers side. I had to space out the bottom a little over a quarter inch.
  Reviewed by:  Jonathan from Missouri. on 1/14/2014
Great Product
  This product is as described. Great way to up the size of your front speakers. They work great and make no noise. Overall great product.
  Reviewed by:  Nicholas from Alabama. on 1/12/2014
Great fit!
  Excellent product, fits perfectly, multiple predrilled holes to fit nearly any 5.25 speaker. Would recommend this product, very sturdy.
  Reviewed by:  Robert Evans (Verified Buyer) from Portland, OR. on 1/10/2014
  Just as advertised. They fit perfectly and my speakers worked with the plates well too! So far so good. Very pleased with the product
  Reviewed by:  Pat from Alberta, Canada. on 12/1/2013
  Got these for my '03 Wrangler Sport. Makes a huge difference having 5 1/4" speakers up front and I cant believe such a well-made product is so affordable and outrageously quick shipping. Great deal!
  Reviewed by:  JT42 (Verified Buyer) from Flagstaff. on 10/15/2013
Terrific Product
  I used these brackets to install Polk 5.25 speakers in the dash of my 2005 TJ - couldn't have been easier. High quality product, fit perfect.
  Reviewed by:  Brett Weisberg (Verified Buyer) from Pennsylvania. on 9/23/2013
Fast Easy Amazing
  Fast shipping. Easy install. My 5.25" Polk db speakers fit perfectly and sound amazing. Buy this great American product if you are looking to replace your in-dash speakers. Thanks NalinMFG!
  Reviewed by:  Steven Healy (Verified Buyer) from Austin TX. on 9/9/2013
Just buy them
  These things are worth every penny, especially because they are made in the USA by a fellow Jeeper! My stereo recently died in my 00 TJ I said screw it and redid everything. Was surprised that the hardware was even included! Oh and dont worry about modifying the dash. Literally took 20 seconds with some good tin snips.
  Reviewed by:  Austin Aubinoe from Potomac MD. on 7/14/2013
Excellent product
  Recently installed a set of Kenwood 5.25" speakers in the dash of my '05 LJ using these brackets. Perfect fit for the speaker and the dash. Excellent product with super fast shipping. Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  Justin Cross from Tallahassee, Florida. on 7/9/2013
Great Brackets
  Nice product, great fit and excellent service. They are a breeze to install as well.
  Reviewed by:  Dale from Chattanooga, TN. on 7/4/2013
TJ 5.25 Adadpters
  Installed in my 2004 Wrangler Sport with new 5.25" Hertz ECX130's. Fit was perfect & very easy to install. Would definitely recommend to others looking to upgrade their front speaker size in a Wrangler TJ!!!
  Reviewed by:  Todd from Connecticut. on 6/14/2013
TJ 5.25 Speaker Adapters
  Adaptors fit perfect and provided a solid mount for a set of 5.25" speakers. They shipped promptly and installed in under 20 minutes. I would have liked to order the tweeter mounts but they were not available, I think they would work equally as well on both front and also a set mounted on the rear overhead sound pods.
  Reviewed by:  Tom from Battle Ground Washington. on 6/13/2013
Speaker Adapters for Wrangler
  I was pleasantly impressed with the quality of the brackets. Installation was pretty simple as I had already sliced the offending factory brackets out of the way to install some newer 4x6 speakers. The new Nalin speaker adapters went in as advertised and the new 5.25 Kickers went in so easy. I'd highly recommend these to anyone wanting to up-grade their speaker systems.
  Reviewed by:  Jon from Amarillo, Texas. on 5/28/2013
Great adapters
  It took me less than 30 minutes to do a major upgrade on my front speakers. The adaptors worked perfectly and were easy to install.
  Reviewed by:  Todd Radtke from MN. on 4/28/2013
TJ 5.25 Speaker Adapters
  Fantastic product! Work perfectly, easy to install. Makes a big difference when looking to upgrade or replace your speakers. Nalin is great to deal with. Thx
  Reviewed by:  Jay from Ontario, Canada. on 4/25/2013
5.25 polk audio Nalin adaptor plates
  Top notch, great quality product
  Reviewed by:  chris moran from greenville pa. on 4/22/2013
  Very nice product, simple and effective.
  Reviewed by:  K from k. on 4/16/2013
Great Product
  I found these while browsing and and read great reviews about the ease of installation. I was already planning on making an adapter for the dash speakers when I found these. For the price it was well worth not having to mess with. These bolted right in with no issues after I cut the piece out of my '97 which had been clearly stated in the instructions.
  Reviewed by:  James Wise from Carrollton, Tx. on 4/14/2013
Perfect product.
  Moved 5.25" from the OEM size in my 2004 TJ. These speaker adapters fit my new Polks perfectly. Fit and finish are great, and you cant argue with steel! Great product. Thanks!
  Reviewed by:  Ben Stuchlik from Houston TX. on 3/27/2013
Great product...
  I installed a new sound system in my 2004 Rubicon. The 4" speakers in the front dash just didn't get the job done. I wanted to put 5.25" speakers up front. I read many Jeep threads and this product was highly recommended. I purchased a set and installed a set of 5.25 JL speakers. The fit is perfect, no trimming on my 2004 Rubicon, perfect fit! Great quality and service too. I'm going to recommend them to the guys that run Car Toys in Houston. The 5.25 JLs made a huge improvement and this product did the job. Excellent product!
  Reviewed by:  Bradley Bruggemann from Houston, Texas. on 3/27/2013
Love them
  Shipping was fast and I installed the adapters the day I received them. The materials and workmanship are top notch. I actually took a file to them to open up the speaker cut out a small bit which allowed my to fit 6.5 speakers into the dash of my TJ. For the low price of this great product, it is not worth the time or effort make DIY brackets or hang your speakers with zip ties. And unlike so many products today, the are Proudly MADE IN THE USA!
  Reviewed by:  Jb from SC. on 3/27/2013
Excellent Product
  Bought these for me '97 TJ. Installation was easy and only took about 30 minutes. Adapters are very solid and well built. Would recommend these to anyone with a TJ. Thanks for making such a great product!
  Reviewed by:  Joe from Colorado Springs, CO. on 3/19/2013
  This is a very high quality product. The fit is perfect. My application was on a '97 model so I had to trim a small piece of bracing out of the dash for the new speakers to fit. A Dremel and a cutoff wheel made quick work of that - really a piece of cake. Hats off to Nalin. Quality product, reasonably priced, made in America.
  Reviewed by:  john erwin from Phoenix. on 3/14/2013
'98 TJ speaker adapters
  These adapters worked perfectly and it made a big difference installing the 5.25 Polk speakers in the front of my TJ. Top quality and American made. I'm happy to be a Nalin Mfg. customer
  Reviewed by:  Ray from Viginia. on 3/11/2013
  I purchased these adapters to add a little "kick" to the front of my 2006 Unlimited Wrangler and they did just that. Added some Kicker 5.25 speakers to the front and with these adapters, they fit perfectly. The holes were already drilled perfect and the adapters were installed in minutes. I prepped and painted them with some semi-flat black paint before installing so they should last the life of my jeep. Thanks for making such a great product right here in the USA!
  Reviewed by:  Al from Tampa, FL. on 3/9/2013
  Excellent product. The longest part of doing this little "project" is waiting for them to arrive in the mail. Screw your new 5.25 speakers of choice in the brackets, pop the speaker grilles off, remove the factory speakers, install the new bracketed speakers, put grilles back on. DONE! For simplicitys sake I'd recommend getting a wiring harness adapter, to make the new speakers totally plug and play. 2006 Rubicon Unlimited
  Reviewed by:  mac from Triad-NC. on 3/3/2013
Excellent product!!!
  Works great!!! Adapters fit perfectly, installed a pair of Polk DB525, they fit perfectly! Adapters used the stock sheet metal screws to attach to the dash. Machine screws and nylon lock nuts were supplied to attach the speakers to the adapter. The manufacture quality was great! everything fit perfectly, no trimming or grinding was needed. One note on the 02 TJ. Mine did not have the dash supports, so there may be two different versions of the dash. Not that I am complaining, I just got to enjoy the front speakers sooner than anticipated. Now I just have to replace the soundbar speakers and grab a decent amp!!
  Reviewed by:  BB from South FL. on 3/3/2013
  Worked perfect. I was able to installed a pair of polk 5.25 speakers in place of the 4x6's in my 2001 Wrangler. The adapters fit like a glove and the upgrade sounds great. Great service, the product worked like it was supposed to, a fair price and made in the USA! What more could you want.
  Reviewed by:  Larry Robinson from georgia. on 2/12/2013
Front TJ Speaker Adapters
  The adapters are good quality. The bolt holes aligned perfectly. For some reason I hat to trim the left adapter to make it fit but was not a problem. I would buy them again if I needed to. Very satisified!
  Reviewed by:  Bernard Watkins from Knoxville. on 2/12/2013
Nalin 5.25 Speaker Adapters for my 97 TJ
  I had been looking to replace my worn out OEM speakers in the dash and rollbar of my 97 TJ. While searching I came across a thread on these adapters. They had great reviews and the idea of being able to install the 5.25 speakers as a replacement was very appealing. I received my brackets within a few days of ordering. I threw on a bit of paint and installed both very quickly. The most difficult part of the install was having to remove a bit of the metal framing to fit the larger speakers. Heavy duty tin snips worked great for that. Great product and fast delivery!
  Reviewed by:  C Miller from Raleigh NC. on 1/23/2013
Quality Product at a Great Price!
  The speaker brackets are definitely as advertised. Heavy gauge one-piece steel with all of the mounting hardware. I put a light coat of paint on mine before wrapping them with Dynamat Extreme. The combination of the heavy steel brackets and the Dynamat resulted in zero vibration from the front speakers. All of the mounting holes lined up perfectly. If you have a later model TJ these babies mount right up with no modifications to the inner dash. Nalin definitely makes an excellent product at a great price.
  Reviewed by:  Lloyd Bowers from Colorado Springs, Colorado. on 1/22/2013
Nalin 5.25 Speaker Adapters for my 2004 TJ
  I decided to change out all my speakers in my TJ. I replaced my Soundbar speakers with 6.5 Polk DBs and wanted to put the 5.25 Polk DBs in my dash. I researched the TJ Jeep forums and found that Nalin made adapters to fit the 5.25 speakers. Several people had posted pics and how easy the Nalin adapters made the install. So, instead of trying to find 4x6 speakers, I went with the 5.25s and a set of Nalin adapters. You cannot beat the price. These things are quality items that are precision cut. I ordered them and two days later they were at my door. Excellent customer service and shipping!!!! Talk about EASY. Just remove the old 4x6 speakers (4 screws), mount the new 5.25 speakers onto the Nalin adapters (4 screws), and then insert back into the dash. So easy. You can't go wrong with a superior product like Nalin's TJ 5.25 Speaker Adapters. One of the easiest audio upgrades you can do in a TJ. Thanks Nalin!!!
  Reviewed by:  Walter Buck Blackwell from Decatur, AL. on 1/22/2013
Wow--the best!!
  All I can say is that using these adapter brackets was the easiest part of my installation--what a fantastic product! I honestly cannot imagine finding anything better. They made installing my Polk components into the dash an absolute breeze. VERY well made and designed. Just buy them, you WILL NOT be disappointed!!
  Reviewed by:  Tom from Allentown, PA. on 1/18/2013
Rock solid
  Do it right and get these solid steel USA made speaker mounts. Fit perfectly and worth every penny. Get the tweeter mounts too, you'll get sound in your Jeep you never thought imaginable!!
  Reviewed by:  Mike from Nevada. on 1/5/2013
  Great quality product and fits extrememly well in my TJ. best speaker upgrade I have done so far
  Reviewed by:  Carlo from Catskill, NY. on 1/3/2013
  Brackets are awesome. If anyone is wondering, they fit the 2002 Wrangler TJ with no modifications required. Brackets come with hardware to mount the speakers with and they fit & work perfectly!
  Reviewed by:  Chris from Dillsburg, PA. on 12/26/2012
  superb fit esasy install new speakers are a good improvement over factory 4x6 speakers. NALIN MOUNTS WORKED PERFECTLY.
  Reviewed by:  Ken from Gainesville, GA. on 12/22/2012
Buy these now!
  Simply perfect. 1) Quick shipping 2) Heavy-gauge steel - quality you wont find elsewhere 3) Holes are a perfect fit with speakers and Jeep Cannot think of any negatives! Great product.
  Reviewed by:  David Sanders from Irvine, CA. on 12/6/2012
  Nice HD speaker adapters, throw a little paint on them before you install them and they should last forever.
  Reviewed by:  Chris from Michigan. on 12/6/2012
Nailed it!
  Great product and shipping. I received a set that USPS had thrown around, was bent pretty bad and not repairable. Contacted Nalin and they shipped out another set. EXCELLENT customer service!
  Reviewed by:  Juan from So. Cal. on 12/4/2012
quality meets functionality
  Anyone that is a audiophile knows jeeps are a sore subject, with that said, Nalin MFG is closing the gap on how great a jeep can sound. If I had to pick out one thing that stood out it is the sheer quality and great price, I have looked for a long time for these adapters and promise us will not find a higher quality product at a more reasonable price, honestly my hats off to you!
  Reviewed by:  james laidlaw from rockland, wi. on 11/30/2012
Great "plug and play" product
  I bought these for my 05 TJ. I also purchased some 5.25" Polk speakers. The two components fit together perfectly. The brackets came with screws and nuts so install was a piece of cake. I had the old speakers out, and the new brackets and speakers in, in about 15 minutes. Great product, would highly recommend if you are upgrading your sound system in your wrangler!
  Reviewed by:  Dolomite from Tulsa, OK. on 11/14/2012
Tj owner
  These adapters are a perfect fit for a 2004 Jeep Wrangler. I would recommend these to anyone wanting to upgrade their speakers to the 5.25 speaker. Thank you NalinMFG, for a great product.
  Reviewed by:  Roy Cole from Missouri. on 11/13/2012
5.25 adaptors
  These mounts are brilliant and my Polk Marine grade speakers fit perfectly. Made installation a breeze and the hardware included was perfect!
  Reviewed by:  Rusty Sanoian from Monterey. on 10/19/2012
Great product
  It's a well made adapter and fit just as it should. Would buy again, or other products from Nalin MFG.
  Reviewed by:  John Boiger from NW Arkansas. on 10/15/2012
Great Product
  Completely satisfied with this bracket. Fit great and was exactly as described!!
  Reviewed by:  Matt Wright from Fayetteville, AR. on 10/15/2012
Jeep Owner
  Ordered online, used PayPal. Arrived in just a few days. These are really nice and will look great when I paint them. Really glad I found out about these on WF. I plan on ordering more of their products, and glad to see they're "home grown" folks. I'll send in some pics when I get some speakers worthy of mounting with these. Again thanks and keep up the great work!!!
  Reviewed by:  Ron McDonell from Joshua. on 9/21/2012
  I picked up a set of these for my Jeep and they are fantastic. They are an excellent solution to those dinky blown dash speakers. I added a good coat of rust preventative paint to mine. I had both speakers removed and the new speakers with adapters installed in about an hour and I took my time. Shipping cost to NZ was reasonable and it took only about a week for them to arrive. This is the way things should work! Thanks to the people at Nalin!
  Reviewed by:  Mark Koci from Paraparaumu, New Zealand. on 9/15/2012
Great Product!
  I ordered the plates along with the tweeter brackets and they both worked GREAT! The only modification that I did to the brackets was to add foam speaker cups and filled them with poly fill before I mounted the speakers. I used speed clips to attach the speaker and the foam cups to the bracket. With the minor modification/step that I did eliminated the mid bass cancellation to give me better mid bass. These brackets are well made, a timesaver and a bargain for the price!
  Reviewed by:  Ryan from Stafford, VA. on 9/5/2012
Great customer service and great product
  I had ordered the adapter plate and realized later that I wanted the tweeter plates too. They took it upon themselves to refund me some money for my mistake to get me closer to the package price even though I ordered too far apart for them to combine shipping. Everything has shown up packaged nicely. I will be putting them in this weekend. Thank-you
  Reviewed by:  Joey from Hanford, CA. on 8/28/2012
Nalin Speaker Adapters
  Great product to upgrade your dash speakers to 5.25. Fast shipping and great customer service. Adapters come ready to paint and comes with all the hardware for the install. Recommended.
  Reviewed by:  Todd from Florida. on 7/18/2012
  Great product very durable and super fast shipping threw a pair of Polk 5.25 in the dash had to cut one piece of metal took about 15 mins awsome product
  Reviewed by:  Logan from Nor cal. on 7/3/2012
Worked Great
  I used the Nalin plates to mount a pair of Polk 5.25" speakers in the dash of my 04 TJ. Everything bolted right up. Took about 30 minutes to do both sides and they sound great. They come unpainted so I threw a quick coat of rattle can on them before I installed them. Great product.
  Reviewed by:  Richard Wheeler from Whittier California. on 6/30/2012
Overall good product
  The adapters fit in my 2001 wrangler without issues. The screws that came with it were too short, so I went and got longer ones. The kit did come with nylon lock nuts which I did use. Also, I painted the brackets since they were starting to rust. I like that your name was machined, but would also mark them left and right on the back of them. Fast shipping also.
  Reviewed by:  Brian from Deridder, LA. on 6/25/2012
Great Speaker Breackets
  Quality product and Made in the USA. It'll be nice to have front speakers again.
  Reviewed by:  BR from MD. on 5/19/2012
  Perfect adapter to put better speakers into my wrangler. No more tiny little 4x6s. 5.25s are a ridiculous difference. Get these and enjoy some better sounding music.
  Reviewed by:  Brady from Texas. on 5/4/2012
Speaker Adapter Works Great
  I upgraded the speakers in my 2003 TJ and used the Nalin 5.25 adapters to hold my new PA DB521s. they mounted perfectly and worked great. The adapters allowed me to upgrade the speakers without any additional work required. They were shipped quickly and made well here in the good old USA. You have a lot of choices in speaker adapters but this one was made for jeeps by a jeeper and I am happy to support and recommend his product.
  Reviewed by:  Jeff Wogaman from Frisco, TX. on 5/1/2012
Great mounts!!!!!
  Super fast shipping, great fit, came with hardware, what more could you ask for!! Will recommend to friends.
  Reviewed by:  P.cullers from Warsaw,IN.. on 4/28/2012
Simple & Elegant Solution
  The adapters are the perfect solution for those that aren't happy with the stock sound and want to upgrade to speakers that will fit as snug as factory. These adapters are perfect! Well made! Great price! Even better customer service!
  Reviewed by:  Danny from Pottstown, PA. on 4/24/2012
Awesome product
  The quality of adapters are better than words could describe and the price was even better than those who outsource their production. Order was shipped same day, even though I ordered close to the cutoff time I'm sure. Everything is legit 100% buy now!
  Reviewed by:  Justin Windsor from Maryland. on 4/22/2012
Great Speaker Adapters!!!
  These speaker adapters are the highest quality you can find and are the same price as most cheap plastic adapters! Keep up the good work!
  Reviewed by:  Aaron Fewell from West Virginia. on 4/18/2012
Great quality, just as described.
  Received these 5.25 adapters for my 1999 Jeep Wrangler in a very timely manner. Also they are of very good quality. Very solid steel and all the hardware was complete and of good quality as well.
  Reviewed by:  Cesar from Arizona. on 4/11/2012
Great Product!!!
  Install was as easy as they come. Only took about five minutes. New speakers sound great. Thanks for making a great product!
  Reviewed by:  Travis from Canton. on 4/7/2012
Very good deal.
  I hate when I order online, and then have to wait 2 weeks for the product....luckily with these I didn't experience that:) they were at my door before I even had time to check the shipping status. These speaker brackets are the best deal you can get, very very sturdy. If NailinMFG can come up with a bracket to hold a head unit, I'll be first to buy. I hate how the cheap plastic ones for my 97 wrangler let the HU bounce around. Anyway...let me know if you make it happen, Thanks.
  Reviewed by:  Andrew from Virginia. on 3/30/2012
Great product with fast shipping
  Fast shipping, and a high quality product.
  Reviewed by:  Josh from Idaho. on 3/28/2012
Great product definately recommend!
  Super fast shipment I believe it was 3 days from order to receiving. Very fair price. Great quality work bolted right in as stated. They work great and I would absolutely recommend this to anybody wanting to upgrade their TJ sound system.
  Reviewed by:  Stump from Louisiana . on 3/26/2012
  Price was reasonable, shipping was very rapid. I would highly recommend this product for anyone considering upgrading the stock stereo system in their TJ. The brackets are very well made, allow you to use a larger selection of speakers, and fit into my dash with no modifications necessary. Product is well made, and I put more trust in these metal adapters than the plethora of cheap plastic alternatives.
  Reviewed by:  Samson Butler from Dubuque, IA. on 3/12/2012
Great Product
  Excellent quality, at a great price! Big improvement over stock equipment.
  Reviewed by:  Colton from Upstate NY. on 3/8/2012
  Wow....these things are stout and they fit like a glove. Made in the USA! I'm sure I could have made my own, but why bother for the price and quality.
  Reviewed by:  Ibasleestak from Missouri. on 2/28/2012
Works as advertised@
  These work great! They are precision machined for the specific application and gave me the ability to run 5.25" speakers without a hitch.
  Reviewed by:  Matt from Colorado. on 2/13/2012
TJ Speaker Adapters
  I received my plates this week and I was pleased with the quality right away. I had them and my system installed yesterday at Laketown speed and sound. They went on and on about these plates and loved the idea of 5.25 inch speakers up front. The sound in the jeep is awesome!!! Thanks for making a great product
  Reviewed by:  Mike from Utah. on 2/6/2012
  Great product!!!
  Reviewed by:  Brian from Lehigh Valley, PA. on 2/2/2012
fine produck
  Love mine, they were easy to put in/on and don't cause any vibration noises either.
  Reviewed by:  wout geurts from carthage NC. on 10/26/2011
  does exactly what it should. no complaints. fast shipping and comes with everything you need.
  Reviewed by:  Chris from Connecticut. on 10/24/2011
buy it now!
  Buy these now! they work easily, and the 5.25 inch sound so much better than 4x6, also there are so many 5.25 inch to choose from. I'm running 5.25 inch midrange, with tweeters on the A pillars and crossovers. These brackets are worth a lot more than the price here.
  Reviewed by:  James Bressi from S.A. TX. on 9/13/2011
  andrew walked me through every step on the phone! from taking the cover off all the way to listening to them! also had them 2 days after placing my order!
  Reviewed by:  Ryan from Chicago, IL. on 9/13/2011
  I've seen others that are cheaply made with plastics but this is a very solid piece or perfectly cut metal that would be pretty hard to bend by normal use! I would buy this again in the future and recommend to friends!
  Reviewed by:  Jason from Evansville, IN. on 9/13/2011
TJ Speaker Adapters
  Perfect Cut, fits great.
  Reviewed by:  D from CA. on 9/13/2011
TJ spearker adapters
  Great Looking Product - simple to install, bolt right in, no cutting, perfect fit.
  Reviewed by:  Turfzilla from over here. on 6/9/2011